#3 Friends

Monica's New Roommate (Part 3)


  1. Watch the video

  2. Review the picture dictionary and vocabulary videos

  3. Re-watch the video and complete the listening comprehension and gap-fill quizzes on eslvideo.com

1. Watch the video

2.Review the picture dictionary and vocabulary videos

Picture Dictionary

Images of things mentioned in the video

fifty percent off



Port Authority (store)


Are you kidding?




He has a crush on her.

live off (someone)

Give him a break!


He asked her out.

I crashed on the couch.

Vocabulary in context

listen, read, and repeat

Rachel: Guess what?

Ross: You got a job?

Rachel: Are you kidding? I'm trained for nothing! I was laughed out of twelve interviews today.



to teach to make prepared for a test of skill

kidding verb

joking, teasing

And yet you're surprisingly upbeat.






cheerful; optimistic.

Monica: C'mon, you can't live off your parents your whole life.

Rachel: I know that. That's why I was getting married.

to live off (someone)

phrasal verb

to depend on someone for food and money.

Example: "Teenagers typically live off their parents until they find a job and earn enough money to support themselves."

Phoebe: Give her a break, it's hard being on your own for the first time.

Rachel: Thank you.

give (someone) a break


to stop treating (someone) in a strict or harsh way. Don't criticize or be critical.

...and then I found aromatherapy. So believe me, I know exactly how you feel.



the treatment of worry or nervousness, or medical conditions that are not serious, with pleasant-smelling natural substances

Monica: Well, that's it (To Ross) You gonna crash on the couch?

Ross: No. No, I gotta go home sometime.

Monica: You gonna be okay?

Ross: Yeah.

to crash on the couch


to sleep on the couch

You know you probably didn't know this, but back in high school, I had a, um, major crush on you.

have a crush on


to have romantic feelings or be attracted to someone

Ross: Listen, do you think -- and try not to let my intense vulnerability become any kind of a factor here -- but do you think it would be okay if I asked you out? Sometime? Maybe?

Rachel: Yeah, maybe...



not protected, easy to attack or harm

to asked (someone) out

phrasal verb

to invite someone to go with you to a cinema, restaurant etc because you want to start a romantic relationship with them.

Example: I'm sad. I asked Rachel out on a date, but she said, "no."

3. Re-watch the video and complete the listening comprehension and gap-fill quizzes on eslvideo.com

#3 Friends: Monica's New Roommate (Part 3)